We operate from Calvary North Adelaide, Calvary Adelaide Surgicentre Hospital and Western Community Hospital for Day Surgery and Overnight stay procedures. Their surgical facilities meet the highest standards, and their staff aim to provide the highest quality care.


Operations that need sedative or general anaesthesia, that require little immediate after-care, cause minor to moderate pain, and are not disabling are usually suited to day surgery.




  • Malignant lesions including melanoma

  • Benign lesions

  • Mole removal

  • Scar revisions

  • Keloid scars

  • Ganlgion and cyst removal



  • Dupuytren's contracture

  • Trigger finger

  • Tendon repair

  • Mallet finger deformity



  • Mastopexy

  • Augmentation

  • Reconstruction post mastectomy

  • Breast reduction

  • Gynaecomastia



  • Abdominoplasty

  • Thigh reduction

  • Arm reduction

  • Liposuction



  • Facelifts

  • Eyelid surgery including ectropion, entropion and ptosis

  • Otoplasty (bat ear correction)

Insurance information

For your procedure in any of these hospitals in order to claim through private health insurance, your planned procedure must fit the Medicare item number criteria. If not, you will be liable for all the associated costs. You may be liable for other costs that may not be fully covered by Medicare or your health fund. These costs may include a 'gap' for the surgical fee, the hospital, anaesthetist, surgical assistant fees, implants, prostheses, non-rebatable single-use surgical equipment, radiology, pathology tests, scar management treatments, allied health care and clinic visits beyond usual after-care.


We suggest that you liaise with your insurer prior to your surgery to see if your fund covers the item number for your procedure.

Types of anaesthesia

Generally speaking, we use 3 types of anaesthesia.


For both General Anaesthesia & Neurolept Sedation, a specialist anaesthetist from Stace Anaesthetists will be administering your anaesthetic.

  • A controlled state of unconsciousness is achieved with intra-venous and/or gaseous medications with support of your airway and breathing

  • There is no awareness or memory of the procedure

  • This is performed at all of the hospitals we visit by a qualified anaesthetist

Most common
  • You are sedated with intra-venous medications while you support your own airway and breathing

  • This is combined with local anaesthetic agents infiltrated into the site of surgery to make the area pain free

  • There is no awareness or memory of any discomfort. You may be allowed to become more conscious once the area of surgery is completely numb

  • This is performed at all of the hospitals we visit by a qualified anaesthetist

  • You are awake and aware during the entire process

  • Local anaesthetic agents are infiltrated into the site of surgery to make the area pain free

  • This would not require an anaesthetist to be involved

  • Fasting is not required prior to these small operations


This is performed at all of the hospitals we visit or our office rooms at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital, which are equipped and accredited for minor surgery procedures. Rooms procedures include the surgical removal of skin lesions including local skin flap and graft procedures. Minor hand surgery under local anaesthetic is also performed in the rooms. This may include carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, retrieval of foreign bodies, removal of mucous cyst, repair of wounds, extensor tendon injuries and finger tip and nail bed injuries.  

Further anaesthesia information

Advice for fasting prior to the surgery will be provided with the booking pack of information at the time of your consultation. Some medications like blood thinners may need to be avoided, including some 'Natural Health' and Vitamin supplements.


You will meet your anaesthetist prior to surgery to discuss your medical history and determine the most appropriate type of anaesthesia. Most often this will take place on the day of surgery. However, in some instances a consultation will be scheduled ahead of surgery.  The anaesthetists work as individual practitioners. As such, fees vary with each specialist determining their own fee schedule. Please call Stace Anaesthetists office (08) 8405 3600 to obtain an estimate prior to surgery.